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IV (intravenous) infusion delivers beneficial nutrients and hydration directly into your veins to boost your mood, enhance your energy, and improve your overall health. IV Nutrition Therapy is offered by the team of board-certified nurse practitioners at ProHealth Clinic in South Houston, Texas, under the guidance of Catharine Nformangum, MSN-FNP. Each service is customized to help you recover fast and feel better when you’re worn down, tired, sick, or dehydrated. Call today to learn more or use this website to set up your IV infusion appointment.

IV Infusion Q&A

What is IV infusion therapy?

IV infusion therapy delivers a high dose of vitamins and minerals to your body directly through your bloodstream. When you take these compounds orally, you only absorb a small amount as they pass through your digestive tract. The effect often isn’t enough to boost your health or correct deficiencies.

IV infusion therapy bypasses your digestive system, allowing your body to efficiently and effectively take in all the nutrients provided. When you absorb all the nutrients, your body can instantly put them to use.

What kind of problems can IV infusion therapy treat?

At ProHealth Clinic, your provider can recommend IV infusion to treat several symptoms and ailments. These include:

  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Dehydration
  • Joint pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Illness like the flu

IV infusion is a powerful therapy that helps you quickly feel better.

What is it like to get an IV infusion?

After reviewing your medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals, your provider recommends an infusion blend that’s right for you. Many vitamins, minerals, and other healing agents are available. Your infusion will include only those that your body requires.

You’ll feel a slight pinch as your provider secures the IV needle in your arm vein. The IV is then stabilized with a small piece of medical tape.

You relax, watch a video, read, or nap during the next 20-30 minutes as the infusion enters your body.

When will I feel the results of IV infusion therapy?

Many people notice a big difference in how they feel almost immediately. The extra fluids improve your hydration, and the nutrients go to work fast. The effects help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed for several days, sometimes longer.

Regular IV infusions can correct nutritional deficiencies and help you maintain a higher level of energy and wellness than you do without the treatments. People with chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia or migraines, benefit from routine IV infusion sessions to keep their symptoms under control.

Learn more about how IV infusion can help you thrive. Call the friendly staff at ProHealth Clinic to set up an appointment or use this website to book today.


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