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Excess body fat contributes to more health complications and inconveniences than you might realize. With weight management services at ProHealth Clinic in South Houston, Texas, you can reduce joint pain, sleep apnea symptoms, low energy, and other adverse effects on your health and wellness. Schedule a consultation for weight management with Catharine Nformangum, MSN-FNP, and her team by calling or booking an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Management Q&A

What is weight management?

Managing your weight can be a crucial part of maintaining your health. While there are social downsides to being overweight or obese, the health risks are much more pressing. By finding a way to maintain a healthy weight for an individual of your age and height, you can improve your outlook for long-term health.

At ProHealth Clinic, the team works with you to address the aspects of your diet and lifestyle that contribute to your body fat.

Losing or managing your weight isn’t always easy on your own because of misinformation and faulty science. Still, getting personalized help from a trusted provider often results in an ideal outcome.

You’ll make regular visits to ProHealth Clinic throughout your weight management plan. The team aims for long-term results that you can maintain over time. Other weight-loss strategies may result in faster weight loss, but you can quickly gain weight after you lose it.

How does weight management work?

Your providers at ProHealth Clinic evaluate your health. During the first phase of your treatment, they calculate your body mass index (BMI) using your height and current weight. This can be a valuable tool in determining whether weight management is necessary or healthy for you to pursue.

After discussing your BMI and weight management goals, your provider creates an individualized treatment plan. To manage your weight, they may suggest:

  • Adjusting your portion sizes
  • Eating healthy, unprocessed foods rich in fiber
  • Avoiding sugary foods and beverages
  • Engaging in more physical activity
  • Staying hydrated throughout the day

Your provider answers your questions and can give you helpful tips to keep in mind throughout your program. They might also help you plan your meals and keep track of what you eat.

What are the benefits of healthy weight management?

Managing your weight in a healthy way, like working with a provider for better nutrition, lowers your risk for numerous health conditions associated with excess body fat. If you have any current health conditions linked to your weight, weight management can help you manage the symptoms.

Apart from the physical health benefits, weight management might improve your personal life in many ways too. A few possible benefits of weight management are:

  • Lower risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • Diabetes prevention or management
  • Less joint and back pain
  • Sleep apnea management
  • Lower risk for depression and anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Better mobility
  • Higher energy
  • More self-confidence

You’ll probably notice some benefits early in your weight management plan. Even a 10-15 pound reduction can result in more energy, lower cholesterol, and other essential changes.

To book a one-on-one weight management consultation, call ProHealth Clinic or schedule an appointment online today.


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